Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Can they start coverage at any time?

The policy effective date is August 1st.    We will allow up to 30 days after the school year begins to submit Enrollment Forms.   So, if School starts on August 1, the school has up to August 30 to have a retroactive date to the first day of school.


Question:  Student numbers are not finalized before the school year starts. When do we send our Enrollment Forms and final student count into Relation?

We will allow up to 30 days after the school year begins to submit Enrollment Forms.   So, if School starts on August 1, the school has up to August 30 to have a retroactive date to the first day of school.  Premium can be paid when submitting the enrollment forms or the carrier can invoice the school or conference.


Question:   Does this policy provide annual coverage including the summer break, or is this policy in effect only during the school year and does not apply during summer break?

Yes, if it is a school sponsored event.  As well, if the school is sponsoring a summer event only students who were enrolled during the school year will have the continued coverage.  Those not enrolled during the school year will need to be added to the policy.


Question:  Are there any age ranges for preschoolers?

Typically, preschool begins at age 3.  The Policy and the Plan of Insurance states

Class 1 – All enrolled students (grades PK-12, includes enrolled and registered early childhood infants to school age), including the graduating class trip, religious services or instructions and all interscholastic student athletes, excluding senior high football, are covered under the Policyholder program for whom premium has been paid.


Question:   Who do we contact if we have policy questions?  How about claims processing questions?  Account Executive or a representative at Mutual of Omaha?

Policy questions will be answered by Relation Customer Service.   Phone number and email address are available on the ARM Website.  The ARM website has an “How to File a Claim” guide.  Ron Rowden of Relation Insurance is the Claims Examiner assigned to this account.  His contact information is  and phone numbers are:    (800) 955-1991 / direct (913) 754-2591

Also, each school administrator will be given a username and password to log into the Relation Insurance portal to file claims and to view all claims for the respective school.


Question:   Will I as the Conference Administrator also be given an ID to view the claims for all the schools for the conference?

If a conference administrator would like to request access to the portal for his schools, it will be arranged.


Question:   Will there be a dedicated person to handle claims questions at Relation?  Or will it be multiple customer service representatives?

Ron Rowden of Relation with be the Claims Examiner assigned to this account.  In his absence the inquiry will be handled either by his supervisor or whomever it assigned to assist.


Question:   Do you know when the claim forms are going to be available?  Will it come with instructions for claim processing?

The claim form is available on the ARM website along with the “How to File a Claim” guide.


Question:   Will Relation audit the student count throughout the school year?

There will be no audit of your beginning and ending numbers with the exception of adding a summer program.   If the school adds a summer event which includes participants that are not students, the school should report that information to Relation.


Question:   How does the enrollment process work?

When completing the enrollment form if you are a conference or district, the numbers you report will be for the entire group.   You will then email the completed enrollment to Relation Insurance.  Included in your email or on a separate sheet of paper please include the names of the schools within your conference or district.   Next to each school, include the administrator’s name, title, email address and telephone.

Once coverage is bound with the carrier a confirmation letter will be sent to the conference or district administrator along with the invoice and Plan of Insurance .   Then a separate email and cc’ing the conference or district administrator, will go to each school administrator with their username and password for the portal and a copy of the Plan of Insurance.   The claim form and ID card will be in the portal to which they will have access.


Question:   Home School Students are they covered?

As long as the students are enrolled in your school under the Home School program option and you report and pay premium for them as a part of your student body, they are covered when they are participating in your school sponsored activities.  You will need to provide the names of the home schoolers to Relation.


Question: Do I need to buy school accident insurance if the school is having distance learning this year?

It is an individual choice to purchase coverage.   However, for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, Mutual of Omaha will cover both at school and at home learning during normal school hours while students are completing their schoolwork. This will apply to both Base and CAT policies.